Monday, September 14, 2009

Heteropoda davidbowie

Just because David Bowie is a subject that can never be exhausted, I thought it would be fun to spread the word of an internet discovery at the intersection of my love of strange animals and good music. Apparently a German scientist has named a rare species of spider after the the artist in an effort to raise awareness of its endangered status.

And of all the celebrities he could have chosen, Bowie seems a good fit, not because there are any close family resemblances between Ziggy Stardust and Heteropoda davidbowie, (I don't really know how it would be anatomically possible for a spider to have a god given ass, for instance) but because David Bowie's sheer staying power is a fitting role model for any threatened species. Heteropoda Aqua might have a bleaker future ahead of it.

So the lesson here is to learn to reinvent yourself Heteropoda davidbowie and you too may survive the fickle whims of public opinion like your namesake.

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